Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Quality Austin Tennis Lessons + Austin Fitness Trainer

Quality Austin Tennis Lessons

I am a young, professional male in his 40s with over 20 years of tennis experience. Would you like to pick up the sport of a lifetime? Would you like to get back into tennis? Improve your serve, forehand, or backhand? Just get some exercise? Learn tennis to meet people? Whatever the reason may be, I am offering the details below in my Austin tennis lessons:

*lessons for beginner to intermediate/advanced level (up to 4.5)
*especially for getting scholarships
*great for recreational players to improve technique
*flexible schedule
*all ages
*friendly, social learning environment
*negotiate price if interested (lower price if more than one)
*prefer South Austin but can travel

If you are looking for a great deal and high quality training, look nowhere else. Considering I developed my tennis game over 25 years of training and practice, I give great rates. Take your game to the next level! Take advantage of some of the best tennis lessons in Austin, TX.

I will offer a low $10 initial trial lesson before you begin as long as you take one more lesson.

Take a look at the following testimonials of satisfied clients:

"Ronny is a great instructor and after 1 lesson, I already saw improvement in my form and technique."

"A low cost and friendly way to learn some new skills and reinforce proper techniques. I hope that others will be able to attend next time so that Ronny is willing to keep coaching."

"Since my husband and I haven't played tennis in a while, this was a really good way to brush up on basics and get tips on improving technique. I have some bad habits with my forehand technique that I wanted to break, and I learned some tips to keep in mind when I'm hitting. Great for beginners or for people who haven't been playing for some time."

Unlock your true potential.....

Quality Austin Fitness Trainer

I can also give you fitness training. Fitness has been part of my life for several years and I have a medical degree in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. The training will include:

- training at center in South Austin
- weight training, cardio training, weight loss, athletic endurance training
- nutrition education
- flat fee for one session and less for each session if a package deal is purchased

Whether you are trying to lose weight, get in better cardio shape, or get strength and endurance training, I can help you meet your goals.

Save even more with a tennis lesson + fitness package. Inquire for more information.

Please email me with any questions. Thanks and take care.

Ronny - Austin Tennis Lessons Pro and Fitness Trainer
(914) 610-5076